PROCEDURE 16_36B_3.18, 2018

Collaborative performance / body installation with Will Mullany and Micah Giraudeau

Duration 03:00:00

"The state of the present social economy yields varying structures of dominance that beg exploration via sensory input and durational media. One of such structures would be the multiplicity of resources related to capitalist enterprise and the resulting tyranny of choice: the paradoxical restraints imposed upon variety when individuals are given unlimited options. Utilizing limited resources including objects, specific actions and strict rules, this collaborative performance will both ask questions regarding the validity of uniform protocol, territorial constraint, and notions of conflict while exploring the generative possibilities found in stripping the performer of self-determination.

Amplified sound will function as a primary mode of communication by employing the use of found and modified objects. Within the work, three performers will progress through a sequence of movements. These gestures, whether manipulation of materials, physical procedures, or verbal action, will be dictated by prepared task sheets posted throughout the space as the powerlessness of the performer is explored through the imposition of rigid predetermined instructions. Additionally, the destructive tendencies of present systems recently enacted upon natural environments will be reflected in the industrial cacophony created from seemingly commonplace items such as radios and projectors to modulated devices and found samples.

The orchestrated sound in the physical space is used as both a metaphorical and literal translation of the contemporary environment’s overlapping systems: chaotic, stimulating, grotesquely visceral, and even overpowering, but ultimately controlled and calculated. In our landscape, meditation is conflated with hypnosis, confusion with excitement, and regularity with purpose. Sonic exploration may offer insights and paths of understanding impossible to achieve through other mediums."